HELP- How should I set up my hour long set?
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    Default HELP- How should I set up my hour long set?

    I got offered a sort of "tryout" at this club in Austin,TX called Karma. The only thing is that since this is my first gig the club owners are letting me play for an hour between 1130-1230 (I think this is BS, but better than nothing).

    I like to play electro/house/ and throw in some top 40.

    My main question is how I should set this up? Should I just play all my banging shit the entire hour or go with the usual build-up and save the best for last?
    I want to make a good first impression so that maybe I can get a few more gigs after this.

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    some advice being your first gig, i would recommend going to the club at least a week before to see what the regular dj that plays from 12.30 onwards plays. if he plays a different genre to you ie hip-hop then its not going to matter too much....

    but if he plays the same style as you - something to remember is your 'banging shit' is probably the same 'banging shit' as his/hers, and it may not go down too well if you play all the hits first. it's always good to play it safe first time round - im not saying dont play any hits, just be cautious :-)

    just my 2cents... maybe try and have a chat with them after their set you go and watch too... introduce yourself and chat about tunes n stuff.

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    it doesn't allow for much prep, but reading the crowd is always key. if people are grooving to a certain style, keep that up. if you plan a whole set of shit that people aren't feeling, you're screwed you know? / /
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    If you play a set with nothing but 'bangin hits' people get bored. You definitely want to build up and the beat them around the face with a 'hit' song.

    That, or just go with whatever is most comfortable for you. Stick to what you know and you're less likely to screw up.
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    Be prepared. Take all the advice above cus its all spot on.

    Make a set. And then make variations. Like djhipnotikk says, read the crowd and apply the variations and contingencys that youve prepared.

    Work out what other genres usually get played and adapt your set.

    Someone at some point will come into this thread and say "Just play your set whatever YOU want. Dont care about the other DJs, stay true to your own style"
    All thats bollocks.
    You want the gig right ? You gotta compromise a bit? Yeah you got your own thing but you need to be flexible.
    This is your first gig , you dont have the right to be all high and mighty . I see DJs like that every week. We have them come down and audition or do a warm up and they never get back through the door.
    A good manager will spot a guy whos taken the time to scope out the place and the music and will be impressed if you blend in but also add your own personality to the night.

    Its NOT about you. Its about the clubbers.

    A bit of humility and keeping your head. Be polite, talk to the other DJs. Dont be a snotty know it all. Resident DJs can rubbish you to the Manager and fuck your chance up if you piss them off.

    Ive never met a manager whos hired a big headed wanker no matter how good he is.

    And last but not least....... Have Fun and enjoy it. It shows and people buzz of a DJ whos having a good time.

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