I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks a lot.

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1. Azari & III – Indigo (Acapella)
2. OD, JR- Changes Them
3. OD, JR- Come For Me
4. Super Flu, Philipp Armbruster- Volkwein (Original Mix)
5. David Keno, Me & her – Walking boots (Original Mix)
6. OD, JR- I Want All
7. Norman Zube- Marmalada (Original Mix)
8. Ronte Monte Mo, Ole Biege- The Well (Original Mix)
9. Weiss- My Sister (Original Mix)
10. Jesse Rose- You’re All Over My Head (Switch Remix)
11. Pleasurekraft- Tarantula (Original Mix)
12. Andhim- Patty Sue (Original Mix)
13. Black Rose- Anthem (Original Mix)
14. Tim Green, Emerson Todd- Exercise (Original Mix)
15. Saeed Youman – Yeah Ha (Original Mix)
16. ThreeSixty- Shake (Original Mix)
17. Super Flu- Shine (Original Mix)
18. Monkey Safari- Watching The Stars ( Watching A Piano Remix )
19. O&A- All Night (Dub)
20. Jesse Rose- Forget What You Know (Original Mix)
21. Anek- Nothing To Lose ( Darius Syrossian Remix)
22. Luca M- Grumpli (Original Mix)
23. Para One- Toadstool ( Made To Play Dub Mix )
24. Jaceo- So Fly (Original Mix )
25. Format B: Like A Techmachine (2010 Edit)
26. Ben Anders- It Is What It Is (Original Mix )
27. Format B: Oversexed (Original Mix )
28. Razzo- Sensoramic (Original Mix)