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    A lot of different stuff honestly. I find myself messing with commercial trance mostly, but I really enjoy Prog house, electro/fidget (still delving into the genre: i'm a noob), Liquid Dnb, and a little bit of hardstyle. Oh, and I'm starting to get into dubstep, after going out to a couple of bars and listening to some local dj's totally rock the place.

    also been trying to get into psytrance, as I've gone out to a couple of woods parties with some guys who spin it, and it's always been loads of fun.
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    Sweet. its really good to get a few genre under your belt. we're pretty new to tech house but thats what our gig was the other night, so have another arrow in our quivver now so to speak. we r mainly prog trance and psy but a lot of our mates do dnb so get a bit of practise with that also.
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    I use the Xone EQ and the Ladder filter. I like the little resonance that gets put in the tracks when I use the filter. Really handy for energy lifts during breakdowns. Sometimes you can feel the tension building in.

    The Xone EQ is great because that extra control over the mids just makes carving sections of songs out for mixes amazing. Helps things flow so much smoother.

    And yeah, rock out with lots of genres. Repetition can get boring after a while.
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    I use the xone eq and filter, dont like the color on the filter all the time, if I need color I use the Filter FX.
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