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    So i decided to break out my dinosaur set up (2 Denon DN-S1000s with a DN-X100 mixer) and one of the songs on the CD i had burned seemed to have some weird tempo change. I broke out a metronome app and sure enough the track was not a perfect BPM on the CD but then when i drop the same track in Serato, it checks out with a perfect 120BPM across the board. Im using itunes to burn my CDs and even tried turning down the speed when burning the CD but that did not help either. Another issue that i had (before i put the CDJs in the closet about a year ago) was that sometime the whole song would not get burned onto the CD. Literally the song would just get cut off in a random spot. I thought to myself itunes cant have THAT crappy of a burning software so i figured it must be my burner?? anyone else have similar issues?

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    Players might be a problem. Test the CD's in a different player (even discman is fine).
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