Just got a korg zero 8 a few weeks ago, having a tuff time figuring out how to route audio + midi to it... After searching the internet high and low it's time to ask for some help!

Gear: (gear list amended)
Korg Zero 8 (v. 1.6 firmware, latest driver installed on computer)
HP Pavilion dv6 (AMD ZM-82 2.2GHz, 8 Gigs ddr3 ram, 120 solid state HD, Windows Vista 64 bit)
Ableton Live Suite 8
Traktor Scratch Pro

Problem: Unable to route audio or map MIDI to the Zero8

History: All Zero 8 channels appear and indicate that they are working properly within the Windows/Sound/Play Back and Recording lists. The Korg Asio driver appears within the Ableton Live Audio menu, however after setting the sample rate to match the Korg Firewire Control Panel`s Sample rate (44.1) I am still unable to hear the test tone generated by Ableton (Track, Sync and remote are enabled for Zero8 in 2 and out 2 (have also tried to enable Zero8 1, 2 and 3 in and out, but to no avail)). The Korg FireWire Control Panel shows 1 device connected but displays and error under `Streaming State`. I have also noticed that the Zero edit software is unable to connect to the Zero 8 mixer...

Also unable to through put audio from the Zero 8 to Traktor, it must have something to do with this streaming error....

any ideas?