[Deep House] Deep Logic Vol 3
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    Default Deep Logic Vol 3

    1) Rampue - Somebody Like You

    2) Analog Trip - Declaration of Silence (Addex Remix)

    3) Monotor - Recall

    4) Purple Disco - L.O.V.E.

    5) Eric Ericksson - Love it

    6) Ben Remember - Running Out (Knightley Remix)

    7) Punk - Magic (Golf Clap Remix)

    8) Janet Jackson - The Pleasure (C Y G N Remix)

    9) KAASI - Lisse

    10) EJECA - Around U Baby

    11) Golf CLap - Had Enough Chances

    12) Detroit Swindle - 64 Ways (Ft. Mayer Hawthorne)

    13) HNNY - Nothing

    14) Digital Nature - Go On

    15) Forrest - Shiny Suit Man (Bodhi Remix)

    16) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)

    17) The Golden Boy - Won't Do It

    18) A Lister - Listen Up

    19) David Glass - Hood Chicks

    20) EJECA - Alone

    21) Aster - Cielo (Bicep Remix II)

    22) B.Y.O. - Detroit Swindle

    23) Huxley - Feel What You Want

    24) Dr. Shemp - If I Don't Get It

    25) Recloose Ft. Dwele - Can't Take It (Milton Jackson Remix)

    26) Christian Burkhardt - Delight

    27) Cubestar - She Can Get It

    28) NT89 - Purple Garden

    29) Coyu - Apparition Ft. Marissa Guzman
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    This is a set I'm sending out to a manager to get a warm up gig, any feedback is much appreciated this is my next big step!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemiAlex View Post
    This is a set I'm sending out to a manager to get a warm up gig, any feedback is much appreciated this is my next big step!
    I listened to your mix at work on my Audio Technica headphones. Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for the tracklist! Tracklist in DJTT post = moar listens = moar feedback.

    - intro was pleasantly intro-y, but the rest of the mix seemed to stay around the same energy level.

    - A handful of mixes were audibly "off," I personally would not distribute a mix that contained such obvious errors, ymmv. The "off' seemed to mostly be phase and not drifting phase, were you using sync or equivalent for this mix?

    - You over-use the gater effect during transitions. It sounds especially inappropriate because of how "deep" the tracks are. Also, when using effects like this, you should duck the volume on that channel a little bit so that it doesn't sound so drastic. Other effect usage is generally pretty good.

    - Random hot girl as house music cover art makes me lol. At least it's not a picture of her ass in a bikini, I guess?

    - Some blends had a melodic clash. This seemed to affect blends in the second half of the mix worse than in the first half. Otherwise, track selection was pretty solid. No tracks I disliked, a handful of tracks I play myself, heh.

    - Most blends are pretty short. If you're going to be mixing such "deep" music, it makes sense for transitions and blends to be more gradual. Maybe use the EQ more heavily and when you mix into a new track, start at a volume below 100% for the new track.

    - Some of the blends seemed to be meaningfully off musical phrase, your music is progressive enough that you need to be a bit more aware of when it "wants" you to mix it...

    - Otherwise, your mix was pleasant to listen to while working.

    Thanks for posting and keep at it!
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    nice mix man.... thanks for the tracklist.

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