Hi Folks, here is the second part of my Believe Mixtape.

This one is filled up with more progressive and melodic tracks.

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1. Tripless (Original Mix) - Snilloc
2. Side Caution (Original Mix) - Sahar Z
3. Silver Surfer (Original Mix) - John Belk
4. Mastermind (Original Mix)- Disciples
5. Trans (Original Mix) - Roger Martinez
6. Soul Reactions (Gorge S Summer Rework) - Miguel Bastida
7. Dancing With Androids (Original Mix) - Jiggler
8. Invasion of the Robots (Original Mix) - Hearthug
9. Stolen Memory (Guy Mantzur Remix) - Guy J
10. Numina (Original Mix) - Luis Junior
11. Circles (Blusoul Remix) - Ziger
12. Stolen Moon (N'Pot Remix) - Artem Kalalb
13. Sofia (Guy Mantzur Secret Mix) - Mike Griego, Amber Long
14. Sleep in my Arms (Original Mix) - Guy J