1. Gancher, Ruin --- Why (Original)
2. Salaryman --- Unstoppable (Original Mix)
3. Feint --- Fall Away (Original Mix)
4. oneBYone --- I Wanna Feel (Original Mix)
5. Memtrix --- Frontiers (Original Mix)
6. Frank Lemon --- The Spice (Original Mix)
7. Martin Solveig --- +1 feat. Sam White (Delta Heavy Remix)
8. Culture Shock --- Rush Connection (Original Mix)
9. The Burner Brothers --- All Of The Feels (Original Mix)
10.Venemy, Jeremy Strickland - Hive Mind feat. Jeremy Strickland (Original Mix)
11.DJ Phantasy, Dextone --- Refused (Original Mix)
12.Alaine, oneBYone --- I Try (Original mix)
13.Steampunk --- Meltdown (VIP)
14.The Bastet --- Feel The Sound
15.Wickaman, Mavrik --- Feel Good (Roll Out Mix)
16.Mr. Williamz, Bonnot --- Raggamuffin DJ feat. Ed Solo (Original Mix)
17.Upgrade --- Murderer (Original mix)
18.Toronto Is Broken --- A Place in Time (Original Mix)
20.DamianH --- The Power
21.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth (Original Mix)
22.D'Silva --- Bass Telescope (Original Mix)
23.Smooth --- Revenge (Original Mix)
24.DC Breaks, Dave Gibson-- Breathe (Dirty Mix)
25.Stonebank --- Ready (Original Mix)
27.Invictus --- Disturbance (Original Mix)
28.Kitcha --- One For The Trouble (Original Mix)
29.Manga --- Punishing Fun Bags (Original Mix)
30.Twisted Individual --- Bandwagon Blues
31.Erb N Dub --- Blud Clott Sound (Generation Dub Rmx)
32.Deadmau5 --- Raise Your Weapon (Modified Motion and Faction RMX)
33.Clipz --- Give It To Me
34.Wobble T --- The Taste
35.Shufunk --- Outrageous
36.Steppa + Kitcha --- Get Mad
37.Sensai --- The Blade
38.Kryptic Minds --- Whiplash
39.Decorum --- Contrax
40.Decorum --- Contrax (Weapon RMX)
41.Usual Suspects --- Shrapnel [Stakka & Skynet rmx]
42.Cleveland Lounge --- Drowning (AK 1200 Remix)
43.Jungle Brothers --- Jungle Brother (Aphrodite RMX)
44.FatBoy Slim --- Rockafeller Skank (Mulder RMX)
45.Natural Born Chillers--- Rock The Funky Beats
46.Scarecrow --- Tutti Frutti
47.Dynamic Duo --- Get Ill
48.Dream Team --- Public Enemy
49.Mr. Freeze --- How Many DJ's
50.Rebel MC & Top Cat --- Champion DJ
51.Conquering Lion --- Code Red (Serial Killaz RMX)
52.Barringotn Levy --- Here I Come