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    I upload and sort all my music in to iTunes, then import & analyse them in Rekordbox and Tracktor separately.

    I am wanting to move all my software & music to a new computer, what would be the best & easiest way to do this?



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    For Traktor, search on youtube or Native Instruments website the video the made. it s atutorail abour transfering all our traktor settings and you music from a computer to another one.
    For Rekordbox i don't know

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    If your new computer is the same type (mac or windows) than your current one, you can simply copy over the iTunes and Traktor Data.

    Note, your music has to be the very same path on both computers! For Windows this means that any external drive has the same drive letter on both computers!

    For mac, it's the Music/iTunes folder and Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 2.10.0 for Traktor. Check the docs or forums for the windows directories.

    The general steps are:
    1 - install Traktor and iTunes on the new machine
    2 - start Traktor and iTunes on the new machine
    3 - check that they work normally
    4 - stop them both
    5 - transfer the music files (if iTunes manages it, this will be copied over with the iTunes Media folder) and make sure they are on the same path like they are on the old computer
    5 - copy over the directories from your old computer
    6 - start Traktor and iTunes again. They should now show you the same libraries like your old computer

    I'm transfering Traktor data between my Laptop and my desktop every time before and after a gig so this works smoothly (on mac).

    Good luck!

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    Use iTunes plus and have iTunes manage library then base everything around iTunes and since usuing plus all tracks will be in the cloud... Only down side is if they are lossless or 320k MP3 will be encoded to 256aac unless you manually change it so iTunes Match doesn't recognize it then it'll upload original copy

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