Pioneer cdj 800 mk2 or Reloop rmp 3 Alpha
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    Default Pioneer cdj 800 mk2 or Reloop rmp 3 Alpha

    Looking for a pair of players just to have in my man cave to have a little mix with, do a few radio shows and that don't break the bank. Found a mint set of both the above but wondering what the majority of you would choose?

    The reloops have usb and midi for traktor ( I use it a lot), both play MP3s and the Pioneer's are well pioneer's (and I do have traktor scratch dvs if I was to go for these)

    Decisions decisions
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    If you wanna buy cd players just to control Traktor then rather buy CDJ-400 because of HID connection with Traktor (you can load tracks via the players, use looping, cue points,....).
    Or if you wanna be sure that you can bring the same gear in clubs later just get single deck midi controllers like denon sc-2000 or behringer pl-1.
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