How to maintain collection, cue points and playlists on multiple laptops
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    Default How to maintain collection, cue points and playlists on multiple laptops

    Hi there Im sure im not the first to need to do this so i hope someone out there has a good suggestion.

    I use Traktor Scratch Pro and I have 3 laptops that i want to maintain.

    1 - my main laptop
    2- my back up laptop
    3 - my 2nd DJs laptop

    im trying an failing to maintain the track collection on all 3.
    what im finding even more difficult is how do I ensure that cue points etc, on tracks along with playlists are synchronised and work across the 3 laptops.

    any suggestions would be welcome

    Cheers Bart

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    You just have to keep all of your Traktor information on a separate (external) drive, and use that drive across your machines.

    I don't have a list available right now, but certainly you need on an external drive:

    Your Traktor Collection
    Your Traktor .tsi's
    You actual music library (the files that you play)

    You definitely need to set your Root Dir. in Traktors Preferences to the external drive, and you should put your Sample Dir. on there too. Ditto for your Remix Sets Dir., and even your iTunes Library if you use it in Traktor...

    You MUST have the same Traktor version on all 3 machines.
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