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    I finally got my first club gig after 8 years of being a mobile DJ. and I could really use some advice mainly on set up. Have searched many videos and tried looking at threads. At home I use two CDJ 2000's and the traktor z2. Use to have a DJM 900. The Club I am booked at has two CDJ 2000 Nexus and a DJM 900. I used to own a DJM 900 so I still have the utility installed. Its version 1.3

    I have a few concerns, Will my laptop sync flawlessly via HID with the CDJ 2000 nexus at the club or do I need to install all the drivers etc for them on my laptop? I only own the 2000 at home. I only have 1 hour of soundcheck before I go on as i am opening till 11:30

    My second concern is the other DJ uses serato. from what I've seen. When I dj at home I link the two CDJ's via USB to the Z2 mixer then the mixer to my laptop. The club uses the djm 900. With only 1 usb hub. Since I'm going first I don't think this will be a problem I can bring a usb stick and play a song or two from there. I'm assuming I will need a powered USB hub to link the two CDJ's and the mixer to my laptop correct? I've never used serato will I be a nuisance to the other DJ? Will he have to unplug all his stuff just so i can use traktor?

    This is all new to me. My main concern is will my laptop link up to those Nexus CDJ's since I have never plugged one into my laptop.

    any info and or tips would be so appreciated
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    Just bring your music on a thumb drive and use the CDJs. Unless you are doing anything more complicated than a basic DJ set, all that extra complexity is just going to cost you time, and make you look unprofessional.

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    if you use traktor, what i have done is plug into the 900 and 2000s as usual (for clarity i use timecode not HID at the moment), use it as you would at home, then when it comes to change over time, I've switched to USBs or CDs for my last track or two. this leave the set up clean for the next DJ. some DJs will start off on USBs while plugging laptop etc up
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