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    Default desktop performances

    have any of you performed, or thought of performing with a desktop instead of a laptop?

    -most laptops have 13-14.5 inch screens, thats too small!
    -most laptops have 250 GB hard drives @ 5400rpm, thats too slow and too small!
    -most laptops have single or dual core processors running about 2.0gHz, too slow!
    -most laptops have 3GB of ram, thats too little!
    -most laptops have battery life of about two and a half hours, thats too short!
    -most laptops with these specs cost around 650 USD, thats too much!
    -most laptops have only 3 USB ports, i need more!

    now, lets take a desktop package around 500 USD and compare it.

    -21 inch HD monitor
    -1 Terabyte hard drive
    -quad core processor each @ 2.6gHz
    -9GB ram
    -infinite battery life
    -500 USD
    -6+ USB powered USB ports what, if a desktop is LOL lbs.. ITS BEAST AMIRITE?!

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    Many people have built a PC inside flight cases, most have small screens plugged in to them, but I have put a full size screen in mine. If you are technical in any way, do your research and build one yourself.

    PS, That's a 400w amp in there too (the small red thing in the 2nd photo). The whole unit is lighter than when you would put a turntable in the case and it is fully upgradable, so if any parts go faulty you can replace them with ease.

    There is still a cover, fans and a few other bits to add on to this, but it works.

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    My main playing rig is a good old pc, even when i jump on the laptp i still use the 19" monitor. The eyes aint as good as they used to be
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