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    Default Psy... forumers...

    and Hijackers
    So.... who was on... Step forward and give us a wave!

    Playing many other scenes decades later I continue to meet certain seasoned forum dwellers under new alter egos..

    Other scene heads, perhaps have a point, slip a snigger, then we can reminisce our genre battles sniff the nag champ'd hairlocks, dig out those 'expressive' colour wears and quote the plur ism's.. then remember it's not the same as it used to be, yearn to pound that woodland dance floor, get rinsed in squat juice and swig the sunrise scotch together.

    Good times!

    but who was on psyforum and what was your former avatar?
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    I have not been on those forums in ages... sadly been too busy. I need an assistant.

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