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    Default Serato to Rekordbox??

    So I have started to get booked playing local raves and bars in my area and its getting me very excited. I resident at a bar where i have to use all my own gear which isnt at all a problem. I have a Gemini SLATE4 which runs Serato. So when i show up to play my very first rave, i show up and their cdj2000 and 900srt mixer were not linked when i had SPECIFICALLY asked if they would be linked so i can just use my laptop. well i found out i did break a law of the DJ by not bringing 2 usbs. But i did get a chance to go b2b with another local DJ. So when i plugged my usb in i got the big message telling me that im stupid for this not having a Rekordbox playlist. I realize im a new DJ and i need to learn these things, but when I practice and resident at the bar, I frequently use cue points. Although most venues have been more than willing to let me use my SLATE, i just dont to mix on my cheap midi controller for the rest of my life. I have done some research and came to the conclusion that there is no easy way to get Serato information to Rekordbox but i cant be the only person with this problem, how has everyone else dealt with this?

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    -Load tracks into Rekordbox
    -Analyze tracks

    So okay, all jokes aside, if you just reanalyze them in Rekordbox you'll be all good but it definitely does take a hell of a lot of time considering you probably already have your Serato tracks all analyzed and what night. Just leave your computer running Rekordbox while you sleep, are at work/school...
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    What I ended up doing was dragging playlist into just regular folders and then into rekordbox and it actually appeared to keep all my genre tags! But when I showed up to play a show a couple days ago, on song title was displayed, not key, genre, track length or even artist name. Is there a way to display those on the CDJ 2ks?

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