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    Default OT: Shitty Service

    How do you usually deal with shitty service? (over the phone, at a place of business, etc)

    I'd like to think that although I have a pretty low tolerance for it, I will not often actually do anything about it unless I feel I have been particularly disrespected or paid for a sub par or poor level of service.

    Maybe it is because it is Thanksgiving eve but I think I observed quite a bit of it today at some local businesses. The way I usually handle it is by contacting the business in written form. For me, this is the strongest way to communicate as it gives me the opportunity to say EXACTLY what I want to say and not simply blurt out verbally something that might be based purely on emotion at the moment.

    How about you?

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    sadly i feel it's too common these days.

    the best way i've found to deal with it is to just cut them out of your life completely. don't support them, recommend them, etc. it hits them where it really hurts. one of the places i used to work that did me dirty i don't even go near, even if i'm craving something they sell.
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    However I've found that by giving the person who is rude or otherwise inattentive an opportunity of redemption by being nice or running some sort of positive approach to allay their bad state of mind. More often than not it works quite well and reciprocates back to me so the anger I hide by being nice subsides.
    I only contact a manager or go over someone's head if it's personal and can't be dealt with at the lowest level--person to person. I'm just glad I don't have a job that requires me to deal with the public.


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    Default Re: OT: Shitty Service

    I send an email it never seems to get me anywhere though !

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