cdj 350/400 tempo range
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    Default cdj 350/400 tempo range

    i got 1x cdj 350 n 400.

    what is the difference between the tempo range 6x, 10x and 16x?

    i had both cdj's on 6x and i had a hard time beatmatching but it was also my first time. i was wondering if 10 or 16 would be easier?
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    So when you see x10 it means you can adjust the speed of the track by up to 10% of it's original speed, and the fader won't go beyond that. It's just the sensitivity in percentage of the pitch fader on full travel. The x6 (-6/+6) is great for beatmatch when bpms are close on the tracks you play on respective decks, the beatmatching will likely have some light drifting when on a 'lower' sensitivity (higher range) though.
    Strictly speaking if your tracks are of a similar bpm, it should be easier to BM at -/+6 that it should be at -/+16..

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