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    Ö..I took a big bag of vinyl round to a mates house for a mix. I didnít have a clue what was in it because I was in a rush. Turns out Iím actually still pretty damn good at mixing wax, even when itís more or less random and cobbled together rather than crafted. This is a boost for me because since going digital in 2009 I thought Iíd gone off the boil. It was also a hell of a lot of fun.
    If Iím honest, when I play digital I have to remind myself to *not* stare at the numbers and waveforms, and I think I feel a certain disconnection front whatís going on. Thatís not true all the time, because Iíve some utterly amazing times playing digital, but itís still a thing to a certain extent.
    But mixing with vinyl felt, well, different. More natural I think, I felt more in tune with what was going on, I was able to read the vinyl to gauge when breaks started and beats dropped. I wasnít hot cue jumping, or looping or any of that other stuff. It was just me and the music. I think what Iím trying to say is that I found myself paying more attention to the music, I was actually listening to it for a change. I now feel like I havenít done that for a while. Maybe Iím old, but yesterday felt like it used to feel. It also made me glad my Denonsí rotate
    Whatís the point of this ramble? None really, itís not a ďvinyl is bestĒ thing because vinyl isnít best. I just had a great time mixing music the old way and I wanted to share. Hope youíve all had a fab day.
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