So basically it seems people that founded Mixars copied designs from DJ-Tech (where they used to work), added RGB pads/interface and made a deal with Serato for support then bumped the price:
Mixars Duo $999
DJ Tech DIF-1M $240ish?

Elliot from Innofader decided to make a stand.

This is from the Innofader FB page:

Hello All. Many of you have probably recently heard of a new company breaking onto the scene called "Mixars". This brand is started by a group of key people who broke away from DJ Tech. Upon initial discussions with them, they indicated to me that they "would never do anything to harm the DJ Tech brand" and were "doing something completely different from DJ Tech". But the design similarities of the Mixars Cut to the DIF-1s and the Mixars Duo to the DIF-1M are very obvious.

As a supplier of mini Innofaders normally it is not my position to make judgements about our customers. However, I have been in this business long enough to have a strong dislike for this kind of opportunism. We do not need any more people getting in bed with the same overseas suppliers making essentially identical products but just changing the brand name. This market needs innovators who create product which has value for you the customers. This is the thinking which has guided me for many years with Audio Innovate and the Innofader and will continue to guide me.

So for this reason, I am announcing that as of today, we will no longer be filling new orders for Mixars with any mini Innofaders or Innofaders for use in their products as standard equipment. Their branding is the polar opposite of everything we stand for so we cannot be a part of this. We will still do our duty to fill existing orders and support you our customers if you have any issues with Mixars product which include mini Innofaders. We will also support customers who wish to upgrade Mixars products with any Innofaders as we would for any customers.

Thank you all for listening, and thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Sincerely yours,
Elliot Marx
There is a lot of comments under the post on FB, from both sides so please read it before making your opinion on this.