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    Default Techno delight 12

    again another 1,5 hour mix, I tried to make it a prime time mix so expect a lot of energy rating from 7 to some absolute bangers...this mix I only made use of the filter mode of my db4 instead of the eq or iso mode. let me know what you think of it ...


    Play list :

    1 Chewy Martins Afrodita (Original Mix)
    2 Tako Ambigue (Original Mix)
    3 UMEK Double The Lust (Original Mix)
    4 Rafa Barrios Cometas (Original Mix)
    5 Michel Lauriola In Control (Original Mix)
    6 BenShock, RIQ Constantin (Original Mix)
    7 Tako The Titan (Mcj Remix)
    8 Stranger Ommoord (Original Mix)
    9 Aaron Bessemer Curly Blonde (Original Mix)
    10 Loui Fernandez Shinok (Original Mix)
    11 A.Paul Caliber (Axel Karakasis Remix)
    12 Abrasiv Effigy (Original Mix)
    13 Sirch, William Kiss Delhi (Original Mix)
    14 Whitespace Ogee (Chris Page Remix)
    15 Onassis Pulse (Dkult Remix)
    16 Allan Snowden Intercepcion (Original Mix)
    17 Bas Albers Paradise (Original Mix)
    18 Nicole Moudaber Own (Original Mix)
    19 Charles Fenckler Frozen Room (Original Mix)
    20 Alan Fitzpatrick Skeksis (Original Mix)
    21 Bastinov Theorem (Original Mix)
    22 John Mitchell Wako (Ixel Remix)
    23 E Raze, Ellie Pettersson & Tim Rolan Feat. E Raze Right Here(Feat. E Raze) (Mick Finucan Remix)
    24 Submerge, Ricardo Garduno Sensors Dialect (Original Mix)
    25 MDF Mission (Original Mix)
    26 Uncode Crater
    27 Oxy Beat Psicosis (Original Mix)
    28 Dense & Pika Slacker (Original Mix)
    29 Marc Marzenit 9909La (Warehouse Mix)
    30 Randomer Bring (Original Mix)
    32 Marc B Pulser (Original Stick)
    Allen & Heath DB4, Xone K2, 2x Native instrument D2

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    Nice! Well done mate, Thanks for the track list & download

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