Evolutionary Fault's DJ Desk...Evolved?
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    Default Evolutionary Fault's DJ Desk...Evolved?

    {edited for fixed pics}
    Hi all!

    I don't know if anyone was around when I posted my old kit (V7s and an NS7ii). Well, I done gone upgraded.

    What follows is the evolution (pun!) from a series of faults (another pun!). Non-compatibility of parts (NS7ii/DVS) meant a slow crawl to rekordbox, which didn't have enough buttons. Back to serato, but this time with external mixing and full HID. More buttons and lights. new dead end...serato bites for 4 decking and 3rd party midi controllers. Enter Traktor goodies.

    I give you....SHINY LIGHTS!!!

    First one old kit.
    Second one NEW kit.
    Third one NEW KIT AT NIGHT!

    Left To Right
    D2, D2, Akai AFX, DMJ-900SRT, XDJ-1000/Reloop Neon, XDJ-1000/Reloop Neon, with Novation Dicers.
    Full control of 4 decks (2 Remix, 2 HID), all four FX Banks, DJM Postfader Filter and FX, and enough buttons and knobs for cues/loops/anything I can think of.

    Over on the side are a Novation Launch Control/Launch Pad and 2xLPD8...Just in case I need EVEN MORE buttons, or ableton.
    That's right gents, I actually bought the overpriced, rapidly obsoleted, quietly discontinued....I mean LIMITED RUN SRT edition.

    Too bad everything's in vegas mode

    Thanks for looking, and maybe justifying some of my addict like spending.
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    Attachments are invalid - can you please reupload pics?

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