xponent break effect and traktor pro
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    Default xponent break effect and traktor pro

    i recently upgraded my set up from torq to traktor pro and got an apc 40 and traded in my xponent, i love the break effect in torq when i am having some dance party in my living room to switch genres, please is there anyone who knows the turntable effect settings that can be equal to the knobs turned all the way up in torq to give me the same 5 second song die in traktor that i had in torq, also how would i be switching from electro house to dubstep in traktor pro on the fly any help with the metronome setting in the left hand corner on traktor pro? also anyone know how to sync traktor to last song played?
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    Yeah if your in Chained Mode use Turntable FX , Dry/Wet at 100% and TTFX at 0.
    That should do it.

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