Sending wrong MIDI notes problems
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    Default Sending wrong MIDI notes problems

    Guys I have tested 3 of 3 Gemini G4V units, all had the same problems.
    The first unit I have tested had problems with button 'Ch02.Note.D2'. Sometimes this button send also 'Ch02.Note.F1 - Ch02.Note.E1 - Ch02.Note.D#1 - Ch02.Note.F#1'.

    I have another unit here and this one has problems with the CUE buttons, it should send 'Ch01.Note.D-1' but sometimes it sends 'Ch01.Note.Eb-1'. Same is with Ch02.
    This unit has also problems with jog/crossfader. During scratching all knobs and faders from the mixer section got effected. Slowly they decrease and I can scratch untill all knobs and faders are completely at the lowest.

    I checked this with Traktor and MIDI OX, attached is a screenshot of MIDI OX.
    The strange thing is, this Gemini G4V comes with Virtual DJ and I am not able to reproduce this error with Virtual DJ. But having 3 of 3 units with same issues is strange! I read also that other people have same problems.

    Does anyone have experience with such errors? Maybe it is MIDI related.

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    So - the problem is ONLY apparent in Traktor and MidiOx?

    Maybe there is a software fix in the VDJ8 Definition File?

    As long as those incorrect notes don't actually do anything in Traktor (are they duplicated across any other controls on the G4V???) you can fix this issue using Bomes Midi Translator...

    Actually - I think you might even be able to set up translators in MidiOx itself?
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    I can confirm, that this is a controller related issue. 5 of 5 tested Gemini G4V do have the same error!

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    i have one g4v, sometimes pitch fader move by it self, same history with low knobs, im traktor user.

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    You are not the only one having this issue :

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    Yea, a faulty fader or oversensitive fader will do that, is the 'other' value other than the value that you expect attributed to another hardware aspect?

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    What I jnow for sure is, that every G4V has similar problems when use with Traktor or other MIDI software like MIDI Ox.

    I am not sure but think Gemini is working on this issue. Hope we can get a fix, I love that controller.

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