Best sounding vinyl mixer
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    Default Best sounding vinyl mixer

    Hello people,

    Vinyl dj Currently tossing up between which mixer to buy. I have a budget of around 2000 U.S and am currently looking at a xone 92s , vestax pmc 55 or 500 or any rackmountable rotaries. Can some experienced heads maybe give me a comparison or suggestions. Looking for the best possible sound quality

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    any allen and heath xone...and thats coming from a pioneer fan
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    E&S DJR400? Not rackmountable, but absolutly a beast of a mixer
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    There's a Condesa Carmen on sale for 2.700 AUD + shipping directly from manufacturer (the person who ordered it probably backed out).

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    that e and s is bad ass

    haven't used the condesa, interesting...

    if you use tricks in your set, no rotary mixer, go with allen heath - above average sound quality w linear crossfaders

    you could get a used, bozak/urei or are mixer for that price....

    Part question, part rant

    Im a sound engineer, dj and music anyway I can get it. Im 39 and been DJing since 93ish... I understand the old school and the new school, I thought...

    Why do extra functions/routing on a DJ mixer have to come at a loss of sound quality? Why has sound quality gotten worse on DJ gear? Why aren't Djs demanding better quality equipment? Why do "house" mixers and "hip hop" mixers have to be so different?

    ...ok, I don't want the sound engineering explanation... "well, its all about schematics and electricity... no, no, no,...I blame us as DJs. We can't decide on a format (digital vs vinyl) and we definitely can't decide on a mixer to do that. Its our fault for not demanding better equipment for our needs - we not telling the manufactures what we want...

    the top three mixer companies in the usa keep giving us a new device every year. how could we create a standard with the industry changing what we use every 6 months. then we give into the marketing and buy it... if the mixer is that good (as good as they advertise) then we should be using it for at least 2/3 years.

    why are only the 1% of djs and clubs using HIGH QUALITY rotary knob mixers... why aren't the new digital mixers using the technology the of the old standards like bozak, urei, s and m, ars, etc... dj have leaned toward the digital format, making traveling with your music much easier, but we are way past mp3 days - 24 bit should be the norm for digital, we have the hard drive space... but still we got djs ripping youtube and playing it out - WTF

    at this point digital and vinyl will live together, but damn, can we get digital to sound better - can you digital djs stop ripping low quality material please???

    in the past when the big divide was vinyl vs cdc, we worked it out - clubs now stock both as standards... but can you digital guys decide on a universal controller ???!!!??? or at least can we get it down to just a couple...? and rip the sound quality better...i pity the fool

    now lets be real here, the mixers we use in the usa are crap. pioneer sounds thin, transparent, brittle... since rane went serato, there preamps went to hell... allen and heath does a good job with sound, considering they use faders and not pots, there effects on the db4 are awesome sounding... but us usa djs keep telling clubs to buy pioneer - can't we just admit that these pioneers sound like crap and move on....

    so you want great sound quality, go buy a rotary for 5 grand (house mixer) (worth every penny)... but if you cut, scratch, juggle - forget it... you sound great, but no new transformer pattern for the kids to hear tonight... now i know if you use linear faders instead of pots, you lose sound quality - but allen heath still does a decent job. every hip hop mixer has the awesome optical fades, but they don't sound that good...

    when we starting over routing mixers boards (functions), then added effects, then added digital age....WE GET SHITTY USA MIXERS... its a shame, the trump would not approve...

    can somebody make a pioneer, vestax, rane that sounds like a bozak?
    can somebody make a bozak that has a crossfader?
    can somebody make a mixer that sounds good w digital and analog (allen heath DB4 but still no one buys em in the usa)


    the being said, I'm taking recommendations on buying a mixer, top of line budget, for mixing house and hip hop style

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpel32 View Post
    Hello people,

    Vinyl dj Currently tossing up between which mixer to buy. I have a budget of around 2000 U.S and am currently looking at a xone 92s , vestax pmc 55 or 500 or any rackmountable rotaries. Can some experienced heads maybe give me a comparison or suggestions. Looking for the best possible sound quality
    MP2015 is the best mixer I have ever owned or heard for straight up mixing. I had a Xone 92 for a few weeks after I picked it up and A/B'd the two before I sold it on. The A&H was an older uk grey model but benefited from a recent service. It was shown the door by the Rane for overall clarity and transparency of the eq's.

    I've also got a DB4, which I am reluctant to sell because I really like the effects, but it's a notch down from the Rane in terms of sound quality and it has other problems (i.e. sound card support). The day that I can match the DB4 effects in Traktor or Ableton, I will almost certainly sell that on too.

    Whilst the Rane is digital, I don't think you will find an analogue mixer that beats it without going significantly more boutique/expensive - i.e. PlayDifferently Model 1, E&S mentioned above, the Floating Points/Isonoe colab or Bozak/Urei models. Even then, I suspect all of these will basically be awesome and variations in tone quite subjective. At this level, features/convenience may be more significant than overall SQ.

    Good luck!


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    from my experience the mixer is not the weakest link, it's normally the PA system in most clubs being poorly maintained and badly positioned combined with redline loving DJs overdriving everything night after night. Of course there are venues with great sound systems and DJs who can get the best out of them but these are not the norm where i'm from.

    In terms of good sounding mixers, don't bother with the best unless everything else from source material to speaker and even the room will allow you to hear the difference.
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