Hey guys this is my new podcast for the month of August:
I usually play techno but this set is something different for me I hope you guys can enjoy and support me with some listens and follows.
Any Feedback is welcome!

1.Satori - The Wishing Spell feat. Horrevorts (Olaf Stuut Remix)
2.Bedouin - Hologram (Original Mix)
3.Bedouin - Turn The Tides (Original 12" Mix)
4.Armen Miran - Jojo In The Stars (Hraach Remix)
5.Hraach ft. Jivan Gasparyan - Sareri Hovin Mernem (Duduk Mix)
6.Christopher Schwarzwalder, Mira (Berlin) - Ayun (Ninze Remix)
7.Melokolektiv - Stranger In My Bath (Original Mix)
8.German Brigante, Thomas Gandey - And Forever (Original Mix)
9.German Brigante, Thomas Gandey - I Warned You Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)
10.ME & her, Thomas Gandey - Sensation (Original Mix)
11.Paolo Rocco feat. Wayne Tennant - Caution You (John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
12.Guy Mantzur, Sahar Z - Small Heart Attack feat. Amir Darzi (Guy J Remix)
13.Stas Drive - Carnival 69 (Donatello Remix)
14.Solee - Phoenix (Unique Repeat Remix)
15.D-Nox, Victor Ruiz - Arise (Original Mix)
16.Beckers, D - Nox - Secret Games (Martin Roth Remix)
17.German Brigante - So Good (Dub Mix)
18.German Brigante - Fingers Crossed (Original Mix)
19.German Brigante feat. Thomas Gandey - Sooner Or Later (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)