CDJ 2000 Nexus Arcade Mod?
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    Default CDJ 2000 Nexus Arcade Mod?

    Hello all, This is my first post to DJ tech tools. I have been djing for a few years now using a midi fighter/vci400 setup purchased on this site. Needless to say, being a fighting game aficionado, and generally an arcade nerd, I have grown accustomed to my midi fighter's arcade buttons. I recently purchased a set of cdj 2000 nexuses for the purposes of upping my at home practice game, but I am really missing that arcade feel on the play and cue buttons. I also have noticed that more than a few times I've played on cdjs with broken cue/play buttons, and I would like to avoid having to replace those in the future. I know this might be a stretch but I am wondering if it is possible to mod my cdjs with some arcade parts so that I can have all that great button feel on my nice shiny pioneer beauties. In a fantasy world it would be really cool to have em similar to those found on the mf 3d so that when I hit them, they will light up. I'm crossing my fingers some crazy bastard on this forum has the knowledge to make this dream a reality.


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    Uhhhhhh... I feel like this is a terrible idea... While I don't think it is very difficult to do since all you're doing is changing the push interface, you'd have to find an arcade button the same size as the cue button unless you're willing to cut/fill in the hole. Second... you will absolutely kill the value of the CDJ.
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