trouble gridding tracks
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    Default trouble gridding tracks

    Hi i just bought a VCI-100 arcade and am using traktor and am having a real trouble beat gridding its like i can the start then all of the tracks drift in the middle and i cant get them and it's real frustrating ive watched vids tuts and read a few ????

    Can anyone help me PLEASE HELP

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????

    Ive heard of people doing them in ableton and transfering them into traktor is this possible ??????????

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    are you using vinyl rips? if so, try gridding a digital version and see if you fair any better.

    if that's the problem then it's possible to use Ableton Live to fix the 'drift' in some vinyl rips but its quite a bit of effort. Probably best to just buy a proper digital version.

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    Did you read the FAQ and read the topics on gridding ?

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