It had been a while since I watched things go around in circles for an hour, (nope, not a Nascar fan) so I decided to power up the decks and mixer last night, grabbed a bunch of older house records and just went - no DVS on this one.

Can't guarantee all the remix names are correct as I went from memory, but most should be correct based on how the record was put back.

The Committee - Scream & Shout (San Jose Dub)
Future Groove Express - Thru Da Roof (Vocal Club Mix)
Byron Stingly - That's the Way Love Is (Rhythm Masters Remix)
Kevin Irving - House Ain't Givin Up (Paul Johnson's Dancefloor Mix)
Robbie Rivera - Getting Down With the Sax (Robbie's Anthem Mix)
4 The Floor - N-R-G (Jump Remix)
ATB - Don't Stop (ATB Remix)
A Very Good Friend of Mine (featuring Joy) - Just Round (Extended Original Mix)
Robbie Rivera - Nothing To Offer (Robbie's Filtering the Groove Mix)
Armand van Helden - Slipping Into Darkness
Modjo (feat. Terra Deva) - What Do You Want (H.C.C.R. Remix)