Just Plugged in My Maschine Jam x Maschine Studio 2.5.0 Upgrade x Komplete KontrolS49
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    Default Just Plugged in My Maschine Jam x Maschine Studio 2.5.0 Upgrade x Komplete KontrolS49

    ...Today 9/29/2016......

    Just received the Maschine Jam.

    I'm using all the features, FX, etc.

    It's all just as cool as it looks guys.
    This thing is the missing link to the Maschine Studio x Komplete Kontrol S49 I have.

    If this Maschine Jam was combimed with a Super-Maschine Studio & a Komplete-S88 all-in-one ULTRa PRoDuCTioN JUGGERNAUT NI Spectacle...
    i'd buy it.
    I'm saving my money for it right now.

    Maschine Jam fits. It is useful at home, it is useful on stage.
    I'm sure
    But, i don't have mastery over it yet.

    I can't figure out how to access any scenes except 1-8 at the top on the buttons (AWESOME),
    but that's the only issue i have. Probably something simple To fix.

    Track building has never been this easy.
    boom bam boom duplicate, keyboard. drums. done.
    This new, "unique," feature you can after you duplicate a scene.
    this is worth the money.

    Don't get me started on this step sequencer.
    It is so incredibly simple.
    Maybe they copied the push but SO WHAT. THE PUSH IS BADASS. Everyone should copy something from
    the Push
    All these companies should become 1 company.

    I LOVE this thing.

    P.S. - in the box it comes with a usb cable and
    a small wedge with a screw in it, that a penny can tighten.
    Screw this on, and the Maschine Jam is elevated about 1 & 1/2 inches x 25 degrees.
    I hope everyone that wants one gets one at their respective stores.
    it's 2:30 am almost.
    I'm wide awake I can't sleep with this thing in my house.

    Having an effect in each touch strip is what i map ableton to do anyway.
    So, no more ableton needed during live performance.
    I map ableton to turn off the filters and all this crazy stuff i saw Boretta from, "The Glitch Mob," teach on youtube About how he makes his filters.
    The maschine jam is a Boretta Filter.

    When you touch the strip, for example,
    The filter will turn on & you move your finger up and down to control the frequency of the filter.
    Then when you let off the touchpad with your finger.
    The filter just turns off. IT TURNS OFF. Genius.
    And that's the BOretta Filter.
    So simple and so useful with that lock mode.
    Cecuase you can do that to your drums or something.
    And studder another set of drums next to it.
    And create a live drop with this thing, by hitting lock and another scene at the same time.
    I'm liking the possibilities here.

    This is completes the cycle.
    I can mess with the octave with Komplete S49.
    I can drum away on the Maschine Studio
    And Now i can access every recording in one click, plus these strips are endless possibilities
    and the different modes are intense.
    Step sequencing has never been this easy, or this cool.

    it's fun to step sequence and use this piano roll reature.
    the notes feature on guitar mode is SMOOOOOOOth


    I very easily have control of everything now,
    -Volumes, filters, guitars, pianos, RHYTHM, FX

    To anyone doubting...
    It is definitely Worth $399.
    And i'll pay $599 when they come out with the Maschine JAM STUDIO -


    Buy it. Yep.
    Worth it.
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    Just like the Komplete Kontrol S line keyboards.

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