Hey, guys.

So most people get new gear or software when they can, learn about that gear or software, add it to their rig, and THEN they buy new gear when the time is right. Well for me, I hit a time where I had a lot of money to start building my rig all at once. So within a few months, I acquired a lot of gear without fully understanding the previous gear.

I'm much more wanting to be a live producer rather than a DJ to perform hybrid electronic sets.

So here's all of what I have as well as how far along the learning curve I am;

Maschine Mikro and Maschine DAW (Working knowledge, could improve)
Vestax VCI 400 and Traktor (Working knowledge, could improve)
u-he's Diva (Mastered)
Komplete 10 (Mastered most products)
Code 61 with Ableton Live Lite (Semi-understanding)
Banjo (nearly mastered)
I also have an Artiphon Instrument-1 and a Behringer FCB1010 on the way.

I have Maschine, Diva, Massive, Reaktor, Kontakt, and Guitar Rig for my banjo as as separate tracks in Ableton Live Lite. I am using my Maschine Mikro to control Maschine, and my Code 61 to control Ableton.
I'm currently routing all of Ableton's output to Deck D in Traktor, and thinking I can then use it's input to create a remix deck on-the-fly.
I'm planning on getting Roland's new DJ-808, most likely,

So I guess here are my questions;

1.) I run Ableton into Traktor. I know most people do the reverse, but I want to use my tracks to create scenes as I go, and then I can turn those full fledged scenes into pieces I can bring back as my remix deck. Does anyone have a better idea on how to get the best functionality out of scenes in this case without being redundant?

2.) I have some knobs on my Code 61. I'm thinking of trying to use them as macro controls for Diva, Massive, Reaktor, Kontact. However, I'm sure I can map them in another way. Are there any other suggestions?

3.) The Code 61 also has some pad triggers on it. I'm thinking of using these to do program changes in Ableton, using it to switch patches in my synths or instruments in Reaktor or Kontakt, as well as having some of them be deletion functions for clips. Are there any other suggestions anyone else may have?

4.) Can the Maschine DAW be mapped to another non-NI controller?

5.) I have a few different ideas for how to use my decks;
* A and B for live songs, C and D for live inputs
* A and B for live songs, D for live inputs, C for a build-a-deck type of thing,
* A and B for remix decks, C and D for live inputs.

6.) For anyone who's familiar with the Code 61 - how do different pages work with the buttons, faders, and knobs? What would be a good way to map different pages to do different things?

Does anyone else have any other suggestions or ideas in general?

I have a lot of gear, and am running Ableton Live Lite, Traktor, Maschine, a banjo, and a strange midi controller, and am looking for the best way to integrate them together for live production-focused performances. Any tips?

Alan Wayside