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    Red face Switch to serato

    Hi all.

    I really have a question.
    I am now adding engine, and serato to my tool box.

    Reason is that I have bought a mcx 8000 controller as I feel this is a unit where I can express my self more for the kind of dj'ing I am doing. (bar and club)

    anyway my question is.

    Is there a way to transform my cue points from traktor to serato.
    Is there a way to transform my cue points from traktor to engine.

    Assistance is appreciated.

    And is there any "other" advice you can give me in this transition process

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    Engine supports importing cue points and BPM info (please note: engine doesn't have a beatgrid) so both ways are actually how to import your data into serato format. And that is by Rekord Buddy 2.0 as previously stated. Have fun with MCX8000, it looks like a solid unit (I just wish Engine would get more updates to get it up-par with Rekordbox).

    Also a reminder: Engine only supports 44.1khz files and requires Quicktime for windows (in case you get confused by "not audio files" or other error messages)
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