Building a DJ booth (hopefully)
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    So im a resident DJ at a small local bar. As you can imagine at a small bar, the dj booth is rather sub par. It looks old (even though its not) and janky and made of ugly oak wood and, i shit you not, a metal bed frame ends. I really want to take things into my own hands. The bar is connected to another bar with a bigger stage that hosts local bands so they have a small crew and 1 head audio guy which also means that the bar i spin at gets neglected. I really want to take over the technical aspect of that bar. Do things like permanently mount speakers, rewire the whole damn room, and hopefully redesign a new dj booth. So what im doing is trying to make it as hard as possible for the owners to say no. I have access to a 3d CNC router (literally print images in 3d on a peice of wood) and that works best with MDF. However I've read that MDF will get destroyed if it gets wet(its a bar its going to happen) but it gives a very smooth and appealing surface while plywood looks and feels ugly as hell. Has anyone built their own dj booth? looking for material recommendations. Was thinking i could just seal the mdf but wasnt sure about how long that it will last. Maybe i can use plywood and cover it with vinyl or something? thoughts?

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    It'll be fine if you seal it up well with a few layers of paint like Tuff Cab or something.

    Lots of eBay sellers of mdf flat pack booths for you to study and maybe be inspired by (no I'm not saying copy )

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