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I didn't want to bring my controller/laptop always everywhere, that has Pioneer standard equipment and wanted to just go with USB in one hand and phones in the other hand.

So I literally made a one-day-decision (been on Traktor for 11+years now, so quite a decision), bought myself a Pioneer DDJ-RB, installed Rekordbox, imported my songs and have never looked back..

Sure, I'm missing my hotcues and play count etc, but Traktor was too unstable and couldn't fix their bugs in YEARS.

Super happy with Rekordbox so far, preparation is awesome and performing is awesome as well.
It does have some con's, ie not being able to map mic controls to something + have to turn off crossfader manually every startup, but I know that Pioneer will improve on these problems, seeing how fast updates are rolling out (for now)
I agree 100%. Exact same reason I left Traktor after being loyal to NI for about 13 years, I couldn't take the unstableness any longer. I have the DDJ-RX and have never had 1 issue with it in almost a year of using it and rekordbox dj.