Getting sequencer to work within Ableton
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    Default Getting sequencer to work within Ableton

    I've been having quite a few problems with my Twister in it's default mode in Ableton.

    1) I decided to start using Twister's built-in sequencer. Unfortunately, the videos explain what midi settings need to be adjusted but don't discuss how to get the sequencer working. Even after pressing play, setting the monitor to in, the midi input to track and remote, and the midi output to sync and remote, nothing works. If I load up a drum rack and start twisting knobs nothing happens. I am unable to determine why. As far as I know this is a default, built-in feature that doesn't require me to download any special templates.

    2) I originally downloaded - and then later decided to not use - Mad Zach's Twister template. Unfortunately it seems to be stuck in the Midi Sync/Midi Preferences section of Ableton and I can't get rid of it. Is it really as simple as deleting the template?

    Thank you!

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    1) Make sure you have your project playing (general Play button should be lit green), otherwise there is no clock signal going to Twister. Some controls (volume, mute & filters) are MIDI mapped so make sure you download the template from here, you can then replace the samples with the ones you like/need. The samples in the template are also grouped in 4 columns to replicate the sample selector functionality in Traktor.
    2) Yup, just deleted from the control surface folder within Ableton.

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