Good morning.

I'm looking for an alternative to SuperSync on the Mac. I wanted to purchase this app a couple of days ago, but haven't been able to because the website uses (apparently) a very old PayPal form. I did contact the developer to inform about the issue, but have not received an answer yet. I thought asking a simple sales question would give a quicker response. Reading around on social media it does appear that SuperSync is lending it's life time. Developer is unresponsive, no or just minimal updates.

Therefore I'm looking for something similar to it. I have a "big" iTunes library with all my files in it. But I don't want to carry around such a huge library, obviously. I found PowerTunes by FatCatSoftware but it doesn't do real syncing. It also doesn't look for duplicates and anything else that a little more advanced. Not that this would be required for a syncing or just a straight copy/move solution but it's certainly nice to have.

I was wondering how you guys work with iTunes libraries. Am I missing an app or tool? It doesn't have to be free, as I just mentioned.