Xone DB4/K2, Trator, Sierra: Positive Report
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    Default Xone DB4/K2, Trator, Sierra: Positive Report

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to quickly say that the new DB4 mac drivers for Sierra along with Traktor Pro 2.11 are working well. I have not had any glitches, crashes, audio drop outs what so ever. Very glad to report.
    My K2 is also working via X Link, and USB.

    One glitch which i have seen in Traktor is that sometimes if i wanna beat jump to a different section of a track using the macbook finger pad, it sometimes does not. Dont think thats a DB4 issue though!
    For those who are hesitant to upgrade, i think you can go ahead.
    But if u have a perfectly working set up then stick to it!

    Btw, i see 2 DB4 drivers: 1 says Core Audio n the other says Core_Audio! Which is the Bit Accurate one ??


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