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    What type of FX (combined or single) to use as a buildup to the next song?

    Hey everybody! I have been completing a set of songs and I am trying to add some flavor to some of them. I've heard some DJ sets where they have a song going and are about to mix in the next song. But right before the song come in they have this effect similar to the Iceverb fx (but with a little more added) that crescendos up and just when it gets to its loudest peak the next song comes in on the one. I would like to know exactly what fx or group of fx to use effectively? Now I have been experimenting with running a chained fx with dry/wet on 100% and using iceverb and reverb. When the song starts to end I bring them in at 0% and then slowly crescendo up to 100% and then start the beat on the one. But the problem is that when I stop the fx it just cuts out. I would like to be able to stop the fx with a fast fade out similar to the delay when you turn it off. Any tips?

    By the way, I have a set that starts out with house mixed with hip hop at 130 bpm and then I plan on mixing in another set of just hip hop at about 79 bpm. Just to kind of give a layout

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    Have you tried using the reverb effect in advanced mode ?

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    crush a loop as small as possble, pitch bend it up and filter it. i am a whore for this

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