Help with hooking up my setup please, Serato, ABleton, MPD226, M-audio 2x2m
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    Default Help with hooking up my setup please, Serato, ABleton, MPD226, M-audio 2x2m

    I am hoping i can get some advice from the wise people here, I guess if anyone knows, it will be here where the answers will be.

    Firstly I'll list the gear:

    Denon MCX8000 DJ Controller
    M-Audio M-Track 2x2m USB Audio Interface
    Akai MPD226 control surface
    PC: i7 4790K with 16gb, windoze 10 x64

    Serato DJ
    Ableton Live 9 Suite
    XSplit Broadcaster

    I mainly use this setup to stream live online.
    Initially was just running Serato with the denon through the 2x2m with cam through X-split and then streaming online.

    I purchased the Akai as I want to load DJ Drops and effects but want to use ableton as fx are better and more can be achieved such as beat repeat etc.

    what would be good is if i could route Serato through ableton then output to the 2x2m, therefore using abletons fx tracks played in serato if that makes sense.

    Or is it viable to remap fx controls on the mcx8000 to use abletons effects as dont go much on seratos built in effects.

    The end result everything to run through the 2x2m so as it will all broadcast live.

    any help or advice appreciated

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    You can do this with software/audio driver call JACK AUDIO (Windows).

    Your machine should be able to handle it...
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