Hey guys, recently I decided to jump on the band wagon and look at doing a weekly live stream of some DJ sets on Chew TV. Setting up was easy enough to get started and everything has been streaming fine, the problem i have is once I have finished my set (usually around an hour) and I look back at it Chew TV decides to only show 20-25 minutes of it and the last half of my set is nowhere to be seen. I have trawled through all the settings in the chew broadcaster app and the settings on the website for creating a new show but week in week out only half my set becomes available to view. I hit start streaming, play my set then at the end hit stop streaming, there doesn't appear to be any drop outs on my connection or problems with the app. I tried using OBS to stream and the same thing happens, out of the 4 shows I have done only 1 has been displayed in full, has anyone else had this issue?