Universal 2-channel Mixer - mix and scratch - DVS/regular vinyl.
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    Default Universal 2-channel Mixer - mix and scratch - DVS/regular vinyl.

    Hello. I've been looking for some time, but i can't find the ideal mixer that would suit my needs.
    I mix regular vinyl: techno, trance, house. Also I mix funk, rap, breaks on DVS. I practise scratching hard and I'd like to have some decent skills in this area too. Midi keys to map in DVS system would be great but not neccesary.
    So I'm looking for universal mixer that would make me happy.
    So far I was thinking about:
    1. Rane ttm56 - the best one for scratching but I'm thinking what it would be like to mix on this machine house, techno, trance music with these short upfaders and small EQ's. I hope it's quite OK. So far it's my numer one to buy.
    2. Pioneer DJM707/909 - EQ's don't kill. The upfaders are weak (pcv upfaders comparing to rane magnetic ones) but they look like more friendly for mixing. What it be a problem to replace them? it has XLR outputs opposed to ttm56.
    3. Traktor Z2 - this one looks like almost ideal for me(however I'd rather use external sound card) but I've read a lot of bad opinions about the crossfader and it's cutting lag. It could be a real problem for me since I'd like to master scratching like a beast.
    I have no idea what else I could buy. Could you give me some advices? Honestly when it comes to mixing I don't use effects and shit. I do it in oldschool way, usually with regular vinyl so I think that any great scratch mixer would suit my universal needs.
    So far I've been using ecler nuo4. It was a great mixer for me, but it is to big (I use only 2-channels and I want to take gear to the gigs) and crossfader (I had eternal in) wasn't satisfying for scratching.
    I can spend 500E/$ max and I'd like to buy used mixer. What else can I take into consideration?

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    Get a Z2 - definitely. Your budget should stretch to a brand new one, too.

    Check out the videos of Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, A-Trak, Skratch Bastid, etc, and tell me if they have any trouble with the cross-fader (hint: they DON'T).
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    Not sure that it's better than the Z2 (or good for scratching), but maybe consider a Pioneer DJM-T1. I like mine, but I also don't scratch so keep that in mind. Bad news is if you don't have Traktor already, there aren't new versions out there bundled with a Traktor license. If you're considering going towards Rekordbox, than the T1 has native support for Rekordbox DVS as well.

    Honestly, unless you find a T1 for a significant margin cheaper than a Z2, go with the Z2.
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    I'm geting boring recommending the Denon X600 but still...
    - kill EQ with nice, solid rubber knobs
    - 12 point adjustable upfaders + crossfader curve, tension adjust on the crossfader (innofader compatible if you ever need it..)
    - on windows it's Traktor DVS "certified", sort of (but not on mac). You can probably even use DVS with RekordboxDJ on it haha
    - unlike Z2 & T1 has it's own FX's and they are good. basic but good. cannot imagine not having a delay at 1/2 beat value anymore.
    - unlike Z2 & T1 has a send/return loop for external FX units (slap a RMX or EFX unit)
    - unlike Z2 & T1 has a dedicated record output
    - matrix input switches (you can input 4 CDJ's, 2 TT's and 3 software deck into it at the same time)
    - for midi control you can map the mic channel knobs and buttons that you don't use (beware: no rotary knob that you can map for scrolling in software!)
    - 10 point VU meter for precise volume readout, really helps me keep my levels straight when doing mixes
    - great build quality

    best of all: used ones are dirt cheap, I've seen them go for only 250$ (price when new was 700$)

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    Do you want to stay with Traktor or not?

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