Hey, this is my first post and was wondering if anyone can help. My current setup (Bought the Z2 last week) is;

Machine / TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 / Focusrite Audio Saffire PRO 24 Audio Soundcard (Firewire)

Im having a real problem getting audio through from Maschine to Traktor/Z2. I've contacted both Native and Focusrite.

My question is, if I ditch the Focusrite card for another sound card, has anyone here managed to get Audio from Machine playing through the Z2, and maybe even routing this back to Maschine to record the odd record (normal records, not a mix).

I have been reading the following:

and watching the following:

But I still can't get this to play through the Z2, basically I'm not getting inputs in traktor from the Focusrite??

any help would be appreciated...