Latest/easiest way to connect Traktor/Ableton
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    Default Latest/easiest way to connect Traktor/Ableton

    Hey guys,

    I have just been doing a lot of digging to see what ways there are to send audio from Traktor to Ableton. I know there is lots of info out there on how to do so... but from what I've seen, its methods from a 2-3 years ago. I know there is the program "Jack" to use, but I downloaded the latest software for it (Mac), and it doesn't seem to want to install properly. I figured maybe I would ask, and see if there is a new program or easier way nowa days to get the ball rolling on these two together. I wish they would have made it easy to do so by now... I think a lot of people are interested/wanting to do this. Thanks for your help everyone.


    I have a djm-900 nxs2, running the latest version of traktor, with two D2s. Id like to incorporate my PUSH controller in my setup for an extra step sequencer and FX possibilities.

    Thanks once again

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    If you've got the most recent versions of Ableton and Traktor, you can use Ableton Lives "Link" feature.

    It works very well for keeping the software sync'd.

    You'll still need to route the audio between the apps using Jack (or similar) if you want to manipulate Traktor Audio in Ableton, or vice-versa...
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