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Serious question...why not use software? If it easily does everything you want.

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I do occasionally, and have more frequently done before. All that visual and automation stuff is life draining and bores me, and the hassle of messing around with software in a live situation and paring it down to act like a bare bones player is more trouble than it's worth usually, I find. The only times I use software anymore is either at home with an already setup system to simulate bare bones players and where I have instant access to all my music and don't have to worry about configuring everything (it already is), or if I'm doing some event where I have to do requests. The requests things are special and annoying, so if I'm putting up with doing a night of requests, I just bring a laptop and all-in-one controller. I don't do that often. For a while I was dealing with all the software stuff live after I went off to grad school and couldn't bring my vinyl, and I just enjoyed it less and less the more I did it. The system at my desktop, by the way, that's already setup and ready, I don't even tend to use it as much as my Denon and Pioneer systems with USB flash drives.