Vintage CDJ DJ needs advice to go modern!
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    Default Vintage CDJ DJ needs advice to go modern!


    I play Trance using purely CDs on my CDJ1000s and have been using a TASCAM X9 mixer which I was happy with although it is now giving up the ghost and it would be time to replace/upgrade but I don't have a clue about modern equipment and mixers? (specifically MIDI and all the traktor/serato stuff)

    OK so I record my sets onto computer (using M-Audio Delta 2496 soundcard) using a program called REAPER. I know this can be used with MIDI, now what I'd like to do is to control some of the parameters (levels, record start/stop) using the mixer if at all possible as I have just been using keyboard/mouse up until now? Am I dreaming or is this possible? Can it be done with other software? Perhaps someone can explain how this MIDI on the mixer works to me??

    Now my budget is ~700-850 (obviously the cheaper the better but could stretch to this for right mixer) and I have been looking at 2nd hand mixers along the following lines:

    Denon DNX1600
    Denon DNX1700
    Allen & Heath DB2

    My mixing style can vary between simply smooth beatmatching to chopping and using effects, although scratching isn't really part of my repertoire.

    I don't use Traktor/Serato and know less than nothing even about them. I know some of these mixers can be used with these, but I truly don't understand it? Is this something I should be looking to using from a 'future proofing' point of view?

    I'm buying a house in next few years, so I guess this will be my last big gear purchase and I'd like to make the right choice and get something that will see me through.

    Important points for me are: Must have good effects, build quality must be excellent, I'm not hung up on an internal sound card although it would be nice so I can ditch the one in the computer. I have a 'version' of matrix assignments on my current mixer so I can copy a channel to another which means I can set effects on separate channels. Matrix would be a nice feature.

    I currently have a Behringer DEQ2496 for equalisation and run this through my effects send/return loop so I can control the output afterwards with the master control on the mixer. Now this may not be an ideal way to do it as it EQs my master for recording so if someone can help with this also as it needs a good input level to do its job properly? I understand on modern Pioneer mixers the send/return loop eats up the effects and as such I would be without them? Perhaps I need to just put in the master output and control levels on the amp itself?

    Another option could be buy the cheaper end of the pioneers (700) and get an RMX500 (or even 1000 if I can find one within the budget) to expand the possibilities? What is everyone's thoughts on this?

    Sorry for the million questions, I really want to get this right as I don't often make purchases and want to do the right thing! I'm not a Pioneer fanboy, although I do have the CDJs and HDJ2000 phones so it would sort of complete the set, although I have often found Pioneer relatively 'feature lacking' compared to the competition? I do like that the Pioneer stuff holds it value relatively well comparatively though, always nice to have residual value in the gear in case of wanting to swap/change.

    PLEASE can some people more experienced in modern gear than me help out?

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    i personally have not used the DB2, but that is current on the top of my christmas list. seeing how it has effects and midi control. Pioneer mixers...dont seem to last especially if you are buying second hand. i would recommend avoiding a DJM. the denon mixer looks kinda cool cause it has independent channel send and return efx but it doesnt have filter knobs.

    Midi is actually super simple. Think of midi as your keys on your keyboard. you push a button and your computer recognizes that button. i believe what you are trying to do is to control your recording software with your mixer. this CAN be done, but you are going to lose funtionality of other knobs on your mixer. to control your recording software, i would reccomend any midi controller with knobs. check out the DJTT Midi fighter twister

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