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    Default Cubase and Reaper


    Cubase is my first choice for producing electronic music, particularly for the logical editor, although it is simple to program first steps are quiet difficult because there is not enough tutorials out there. Basically you can convert any midi message or any CC data to any other midi / CC data, so for electronic music there is endless possibilities and great process automation. The midi functions are also great and give a lot of creative tools. You have a nice collection of synthesizers included, a drum box and all necessary audio effects: several delays, reverbs, modulations, sidechaining..etc)
    Also keep in mind I am not really objective with Cubase because I LOVE it, I use it since a long time, and I suppose that one needs time to get familiar with its workflow.
    In my opinion The only big CON with the software is its price (at least the Pro version 559 ) but it's very stable and extremely complete DAW (midi editor / score editor / professional audio recording tools / high quality mixing and mastering tools..)
    Reason is another Daw I used a long time ago exclusively for electronic music, many step sequencers, interesting synthesizers..the easier DAW ever ;-)
    Another serious software is REAPER, really great tool and philosophy, you can download it and test it (without limitation at the Reaper website.)

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    During 2017 i was using PreSonus Studio One 3 and apple garageband for free. If someone want to see list of free music production software - .Good luck in music production and Djing .

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    I'm ALL about Cubase 10, though there really is no difference between DAWs, other than comfort and usability. It doesn't matter what you use. It's about the music.

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