Hey Fellow Sound Brothers

First of all: Can someone add "Sounds" as a good answer for the random question " What does a DJ play" please!!!!

I have a BIG question.
I have in my mind the idea to combine a sequencer and sounds from a x-bar loop in my live mixes.
The general id would be to begin a mix, trigger an outro loop from the exiting song and put that loop in ableton or mashine jam or other to be able to sequence sounds from that loop. I know you can do it iff you prepare everything in advance but can it be done in a rather simple way in a live setting?

In my mind i would add ableton or mashine jam to my traktor setup and record live samples ( loops ) or even drag them to the mashine jam to varry certain hits on the sequencer and match the rythm off the incomming song. Can this be done?

Iff it can be done? What hardware would one need as a bear minimum to accomplish this?

I hope i make sense, feel free to correct me
Thanks in advance for your answers, i'm stuck in the endless forest of possibilities,controllers and software....