Hello djs,

I find the method on this page really cool to organize music.
I use sort my playlist by key on the CDJ, but I find it quite limiting, also it's difficult to make playlist without having prepared a mix before.
I would like to mix freely, without preparation, but I have a huge library...
I see a huge potential in this method, I believe it would unleash my library power!

In the example taken, they decompose the hip-hop genre, and they do it really well in my opinion.
I thought it would be simple to apply this to my library, I just need to transpose the technique to other genre, mostly dnb for me, but in fact it is more difficult than I thought!
The dnb genre is so diverse and even within sub-genre there are many tastes...

So would you like to help creating a consistent classification of dnb for using this method?

At first, in the sub-genre area we could find:
  • Neurofunk
  • Tech
  • Jump Up
  • Liquid
  • Ragga DNB
  • Jungle

I call "Tech" what is sometimes dark, sometimes minimal, but not neurofunk, like Skeptical or Alix Pere tunes. Neurofunk, to me, nowadays it is those smashing trac like Mefjus ones.

What is relevant to me is:
At a certain level, there are track that sounds commercial, some not, and some are made for the dancefloor (without sounding cheesy commercial).
Some have vocal, some not.
Some are uplifting, some dark, some deep (or even deep and dark), some mellow.
Some are minimal.
Some smash the dancefloor, some are just bangers.
Some are rollers, others steppers

Do you have other feelings when you hear drum and bass?
And do you have any ideas for grouping and hierarchize those "tags"?

Thank you in advance for having read that loooong post!