Had a quick blast with this last night.


Couldn't be easier to set up. I was using 2 separate laptops, linked only by an audio cable (Laptop 1/Traktor DJM850 Rec Out to Laptop 2 ESI UDJ46/Ableton Live Rec In), and I literally had to click LINK, then select my home network on a pop-up on both machines, and that was it!

Seriously - I couldn't believe how easy it was!!!

Now - on to my problem...

When I was recording into Live from the DJM850, it was auto warping the input. I tried switching off "Create .asd" and "Autowarp Long samples" in Lives preferences, but it just kept on warping the recorded audio? And the warp markers weren't even right? I got a warbling tempo drift (VERY noticeable!) when I played back the recorded audio...

Anyone got any experience of this???