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    Default New laptop sugestions

    Hey, Im 18, a student and Dj, right now i have a windows laptop but its getting kind of old and I was wondering which is a good choice to get a new one, I use Traktor and production software, I will also use it for the common school things. Any suggestion is well received

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    There is no right answer here. I have DJ'ed on a Mac since day 1. I can't tell you anything about using windows. For every argument someone makes for a Mac, someone will argue the same thing for windows. These topics are beaten to death.

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    Macs seem to be much better performance machines than PCs do. Macs are very much plug n play with your setting for DJing. With Windows, you will need to spend some good time researching an optimizing your PC for latency, outputs, priories, etc. My buddy got a PC last year around the same time I got my Mac. He was having weird issues with Traktor on his PC, but when he plugged his S2 into my MacBook Pro, it worked flawlessly. I will also add that this is my first Mac. I recently started to try and produce but I found that, since I don't know macs syntax and shortcuts, it made it difficult to learn a DAW and a new OS

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    What is your budget matey?
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    i have used both windows and mac laptops, and currently use a 2015 MBP. I can tell you that despite all the hyperbole, I will most likely be going back to windows if and when i find myself in need of a new machine. the optimizations needed arent that hard to perform, and you just get way more for your money hardware-wise. I have personally experienced just as many problems and bugs with OSX, as i ever did with windows. my .02$
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    I use an Asus i5 laptop with a solid state drive for both DJing and production. It runs great. The CPU rarely hits 100% on Ableton (Only on full finished projects with loads of 3rd party VST's.) For the money, personally I would go with a good Windows PC.
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    Default Buy the latest

    Tip: When searching for a laptop make sure you buy a computer with the latest processor. Many people go buy a laptop and spend more money on a laptop that is using an outdated processor when the one next to it in the store has the latest generation and is the same price or cheaper. Look for a 7th Gen Intel processor. More power and better battery life.

    My vote is a Windows based laptop with touchscreen 13-15". Solid state harddrive is a must.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    What is your budget matey?
    Yeah, this. No point in preaching about Apple laptops if the budget is tight.

    That said... buy cheap, buy twice. If you think you can't afford more than a few hundred right now, hold on to your money and save a bit more. Get something down the line which will be better built, a nicer screen and probably better internals and better drivers, meaning (on the Windows side) less issues with audio and other components causing problems.
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    I have a Mac but my Asus i7 with SSD, 8gb of Ram and 1GB of dedicated video card does already his job with Traktor and Ableton synced via ableton link and 4 decks running on traktor

    nobody asked to you...

    What are the specs of your Pc? have you maximised the RAM? have you replaced the old HDD with an SSD?

    if your pc is al least from 2011 (my asus is an old 2010 top model), you should seriously consider an hardware upgrade. you can buy both ram and ssd for about 200$ and having more perfomance than buy a really basic 400$ Pc....

    if this is your situation, I think you could save your money for a couple of years yet
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