Kickstarter modular DJ controller
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    Default Kickstarter modular DJ controller

    Not affiliated with this company but saw it while browsing kickstarter and thought it looked pretty cool.

    Haven't a few companies already tried this and failed?
    I think Livid is doing something like this but more DIY type.

    Seems to be $450 for the large controller, and $230 for the half sized one.

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    i like it.
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    It's been posted on the main page before. It is such a super cool idea, but I think aesthetics are killing the project.
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    Looks cool but i've lost faith in KS... Not a single project I've backed or followed has successfully delivered their product.

    I know you're not buying, you're investing.. but when thousands and thousands of people back a project it is a massive undertaking to deliver to those people. Not least building the product but even simple things like shipping, managing the funds, customer service to all those people.. its just not possible for individuals or small businesses with limited resources... yet you see these like 5 people teams think they can manage it.

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    This looks great. I have had this in my imagination for some time. Looks like its happening....... It might be too late in the day though with other things that are happening. Music technology is like the big bang. Its going to take some real innovation to change the game at all though...

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